Friday, February 11, 2011

Windows Phone 7

     In February 2010, Microsoft introduced Window Phone 7 to the market. I love how Microsoft got the tech world excited about it again with its fresh user interface, added features, and promises of improved performance. 
    The Zune integration is GREAT, and the core apps are much improved from the inception. I would also commend Microsoft for being able to acknowledge that its old OS wasn't working and taking a chance on rebuilding something from the ground up. The end result is something fresh, fun, and functional. I have heard people say that it's too little, too late for Microsoft. I feel that Microsoft's long road to a comeback won't be an easy one, but at least it's now headed down the right path. Here are a few things that I have come to love about my awsome phone...
-Great designed and completely fresh user interface!

-Exciting new mobile OS with hundreds of potential!

-Excellent for Xbox Live gaming and Zune Pass downloads!

- Sharepoint 2010 integration is good too!

    Personally for me, I am totally in love with the Zune Pass features in Windows Phone 7. I use them all the time! I can download music where ever I want. I've also fallen in love with the design, stability and smoothness of the platform. The artistry in some of the "hubs", third party applications, and even the program for email is beyond anything else out there when it comes to a mix of aesthetics and usability. The whole operating system is great fun to use! I recommend this phone to anyone that is over 13 years old. I believe most people would love it if they gave this phone a try. It took me about a week to get use to all the features.                                Have fun and enjoy!!!